Cenegenics Global Frachise Opportunities

Cenegenics has been the leader in Age Management Medicine for over 18 years with 22 sites in the USA alone. We are now opening up Franchise Opportunities around the world.

Don't Miss This Opportunity

Limited “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunities to own a Cenegenics Age Management medical practice in select locations. Don’t miss out!

Who are we looking for?

Cenegenics is the ultimate lifestyle business suitable for doctors, surgeons, medical aging and beauty clinics, bariatric surgeons, day spas, luxury resorts and more…..

$8.8 Million US Dollars Net Profit Per Year

A 3 doctor clinic, where each doctor sees at most 300 patients a year, and works at most, 6 hours a day, averages US$8.8 mil annual net profit – AFTER expenses…..Don’t miss this opportunity!